Everything you need to know about the sweatshirt

Becoming popular some half a century ago, the sweatshirt has never lost its relevance. In this regard, it is somewhat similar to jeans – over time, only variations and colors change, but the essence remains the same. But what is a sweatshirt and what can it be combined with?

The – sweatshirt is one of the elements of the men's wardrobe, a subspecies of the sweater, which is sewn like a sweatshirt. It has a round neckline, elastic cuffs at the sleeves and a ribbed hem. If you do not go into the details of his appearance, then the athletes were the first to put on such clothes for training. The sweatshirt made playing sports especially comfortable, so the athletes themselves began to use it in everyday life. Gradually, sweatshirts began to appear in the wardrobes of ordinary citizens and occupied an important niche in the men's wardrobe, designed in everyday casual and even office style.

This demand is also due to the fact that sweatshirts are distinguished by a loose silhouette and a simple cut, the complete absence of any fasteners, long raglan sleeves, and round neckline with a wide elastic band. Some modern models may have patch pockets and a hood, but this is rare. But the V-shaped insert on the neck is always present in each product. Initially, it was intended to ensure that the sweat that is released during training does not wet the entire sweatshirt, but today – prevents the collar from stretching or plays a decorative role.

As a rule, sweatshirts are sewn from thick knitted fabric, which may have insulation in the form of pile, polartec or fleece. As for colors, even the slightest restrictions and requirements on this matter do not exist. The main rule – men's sports-style sweatshirt should be only gray, and classic models can be made in a variety of colors: dark blue, green, red, etc. Prints, logos can be used for decoration , labels, etc.

Due to the fact that sweatshirts are durable, unpretentious and comfortable, they were able to win their rightful place in the men's wardrobe and are now used in almost all looks, with the exception of pure classics. They can be combined with jeans, sweatpants, T-shirts, shirts and even shorts. Loafers, sneakers, sneakers, moccasins and boots with thick soles are suitable for sweatshirt shoes. As for outerwear, both jackets and bombers are ideally combined with such a sweater. Therefore, the sweatshirt is suitable for jogging at the stadium, and for an evening walk, and for going to a club, and for a trip to nature, and for hiking.

When choosing a sweatshirt for yourself, remember that its loose fit does not oblige this type of sweater to look baggy and bulky on its owner. Before buying, measure each model and at the same time beware of tight-fitting and strong sticking of the body – For a sweatshirt, this is not acceptable. It is also important to avoid excess free sagging of the fabric, especially under the sleeves and at the waist.

To conclude, with a sweatshirt, you will discover luxurious comfort and versatility, while still being able to look stylish even in a sporty look.