Fashion for balaclavas

There are things that everyone has long forgotten and do not remember: they include knitted leggings, brightly colored leggings, and strange-looking trousers with hairpins. They, these orphaned accessories, about which no one else knows or wants to know, continue to gather dust on the mezzanine shelves in the old grandmother's Khrushchev. A few years ago, waist bags could have joined them, but comfort won over prejudices and bananas are still in demand, although designers had to transform them a little. And this year... balaclavas are back in fashion.

The balaclava became the most talked about trend of the new cold season in February 2018 after the show Calvin Klein in New York. Even then, in February, every fashionista wanted to buy a balaclava hat and look like once in childhood  And this wardrobe item appeared during the Crimean War, that is, at the end of the 19th century. Then  the British, sending their husbands to war, knitted woolen hats for them. And those, in turn, in order to protect their faces from the piercing sea wind, rain and other weather troubles, cut holes in knitted hats for the eyes. In the future, the use of balaclava caps expanded significantly, and today it already has not so much protective functions, but rather a rebellious hidden meaning – remember at least Pussy Riot.

We do not call for a revolution and agree that the – balaclava is the ideal choice more for introverts and sociopaths. But she, like no other hat and scarf, best of all protects against gusts of wind and precipitation – and at least for this she should be accepted and even loved. In addition, a balaclava, like a cap of invisibility, will help you hide your face from a not always pleasant world or remain incognito in a certain situation. And how to decide to wear such a warm, but very daring headdress and what to combine it with, except for a ski suit, – read on.

So, the classic combination of – balaclava under a coat or fur coat. This image can be diluted with your favorite jeans and ugg boots and thus provide yourself with warmth, comfort and compliance with all existing trends. Moreover, you can choose a headdress to match the outerwear, or vice versa "play" on deliberate negligence.

Calvin Klein suggests to combine balaclavas with dresses. Yes, this is an unexpected and extraordinary decision, but it will certainly attract attention. Therefore, feel free to wear a knitted dress, a silk or satin model, choose a balaclava hat decorated with stones, brooches or flowers, and forget about modesty. In order to smooth out the sharp contrast between these styles, you can throw a voluminous jacket over your shoulders and add rough boots to the look. Although you should not refuse sports shoes either.

An oversized sweater and a light midi skirt can also make a wonderful duet with a warm balaclava. This image exudes winter coolness and freshness, so it is ideal for cold weather. Complement your bow with a stylish bag,  glasses & ankle boots with miniature kitten heels heels and calmly set off to conquer the world!