Military style

No one is surprised by the cyclicity and changeability of fashion. But there are styles that have become eternal, always relevant and consistently popular, despite the variability of modern trends. These include military style. It is also called army, because it contains the features of a military uniform, the corresponding colors and styles. About what features of the military style and how to use it in your wardrobe, we will tell in this article.

What is military style?

In general, the fashion for everything army went from the military personnel themselves, who even in their free time did not take off their military uniform and in "civilian" clothes. with might and main "usal" camouflage, vests, berets. This trend was picked up by ordinary men, not military men, and in their daily lives they began to wear pea jackets, high boots, balaclavas and other things characteristic of military style:

- in camouflage or protective print: khaki, sand, brown, green, gray, blue;

- parkas, bombers, trench coats;

- high boots with  tractor soles, sneakers or sneakers without decor, but with open lacing, tarpaulin boots;

- camouflage pants, cargo pants, chinos and bermuda shorts;

- appropriate accessories: belts with large plaques, massive watches, aviator glasses, decorative shoulder straps and themed decor.

Actually, about 90% of men's clothes are related to the style of the military uniform, and they do not belong to the military style. But it is the color that forms their identity. In general, the famous fashion historian James Laver argues that the military style of clothing was created on the basis of practical things from the battlefield, which should potentially save lives during combat. Recall at least the pants and vests of NATO troops with numerous pockets, carabiners, loops and compartments. The same goes for MA-1 trench coats and jackets, which are soaked in military history.

Definitely, such a thing will emphasize strength and masculinity. But as in any other style, in the army, the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to look like an airborne officer. So try:

- complement camouflage and military items with casual style clothes: shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, etc.;

- do not wear military with elegant clothes;

- wear a shirt and khaki trousers to the office or study, nothing more;

- Choose a simple plain T-shirt, khaki pants and a comfortable pair of shoes for everyday wear.

Nothing complicated – military style is simple, stylish and practical!

And to buy military-style clothes, you do not need to go to specialized stores for the military. Although you can pick up the appropriate accessories there.

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