This User Agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement) defines the principles of cooperation between the parties when offering to order goods (services) and their purchase on the online platform STREETWEAR.COM.UA, which is accessed through the website and / or mobile applications .



1.1. Any use of the STREETWEAR.COM.UA online platform, including visits to the STREETWEAR.COM.UA website and STREETWEAR.COM.UA mobile applications, viewing information, using the services, is carried out in accordance with the terms of the User Agreement , which includes the conditions listed below, as well as the conditions specified in the relevant sections (pages) of the website STREETWEAR.COM.UA and in the mobile applications of the latter.

1.2. By using the online site STREETWEAR.COM.UA, including, but not limited to, by registering on it and / or purchasing Products, the Buyer unconditionally accepts all the terms of the User Agreement, agrees to fulfill them and is responsible for the consequences of unfamiliarity with them. / p>

1.3. Terms used in the User Agreement have the following meanings:

1.3.1. Administrator - Limited Liability Company "TRADE IVEN", USREOU code 41492362, address: st. Danylo Halytsky, bldg. 5, apt. 1, Rivne, Rivne region, Ukraine, 33012, which is the owner of the Site and Applications and determines the order of their use.

The Administrator performs the functions related to the organizational and technical support of offering the Product by the Seller on the Site / in the Appendices and the organization of interaction of the Buyer with the Seller in case of purchase of the Product by the Buyer

1.3.2. Product Card is a page of the Site / Application that contains information about the Product and the terms of its purchase.

1.3.3. Cart is the page of the Site / Application where the list of Products selected by the Buyer before placing an order is collected.

1.3.4. STREETWEAR.COM.UA online platform is a website identified on the Internet by https://STREETWEAR.COM.UA ( Site ) and a mobile application the latter (hereinafter - the Appendix ), which offers products to sellers, execution and tracking of orders, exchange of feedback, as well as advertising and marketing activities.

1.3.5. Buyer - any individual who has the right to make purchases on the online platform STREETWEAR.COM.UA.

1.3.6. Seller (Supplier) - any legal entity (resident or non-resident of Ukraine), natural person-entrepreneur and non-resident person of Ukraine, which places and sells its offers on the STREETWEAR.COM.UA online platform. Products to be ordered by Buyers subject to the terms of the User Agreement.

In some cases, the Administrator may be the seller on the online site STREETWEAR.COM.UA, in which case his name is indicated as the seller (supplier) in the Goods Receipt for the purchased goods.

1.3.7. Products - goods, works and services offered by Sellers and available for purchase by Buyers on the online site STREETWEAR.COM.UA.

1.3.8. Profile - the Buyer's personal page on the Site / in the Application, which contains the registration and contact details of the Buyer, as well as information related to his use of the online site STREETWEAR.COM.UA.



2.1. Products on the online platform STREETWEAR.COM.UA can be ordered and purchased only for personal non-commercial use (consumption).

2.2. The buyer on the online site STREETWEAR.COM.UA can be an individual who has reached 18 years of age and has full civil capacity.

2.3. By registering and / or purchasing Products on the STREETWEAR.COM.UA Online Platform, a person certifies that he / she:

  • has reached the age of 18, has full civil capacity and will purchase Products exclusively for personal non-commercial use (consumption);
  • is acquainted with, unconditionally accepts and agrees with all the terms of the User Agreement and the terms set forth in the sections (pages) of the Site, the Appendix;
  • is aware of, unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply with all terms of the User Agreement;
  • indicates data (name, mobile phone, e-mail, etc.) that are true and belong to her, or is authorized under her own account on the social network;
  • agrees to the transfer of its personal data to third parties (including foreign subjects of personal data relations), their processing, storage, transfer and use for the purpose and under the conditions specified in the User Agreement, and certifies receipt information about the owner of personal data, the composition and content of the collected personal data, their rights under the law, the purpose of the collection of personal data and persons to whom its personal data is transferred.
  • unequivocally agrees to be directed by the Seller (including its proxies) and to receive by the Buyer commodity checks and / or fiscal checks (in case of settlement by the Seller using the registrar of settlement transactions) through any means of communication in electronic format (including e-mail address, e-mail address, SMS, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Push-messages, placement in the Profile for the purchased product QR-code or sending such in the above ways to the Buyer, etc.) according to the details specified in the Profile and / or when ordering, and agrees to receive fiscal checks from money transfer and / or delivery services when paying for purchased goods.

In this case:

in the case of sending checks and / or fiscal checks (in the case of payment by the Seller using the registrar of settlement transactions) in electronic format (one or more of the above means) the Buyer unequivocally acknowledges receipt of such at the time of purchase proof of direction from the Seller is indisputable evidence of receipt by the Buyer);

2) in the case of payment in money transfer and / or delivery services, the Buyer unequivocally acknowledges the receipt of the relevant fiscal check, which is formed by such an entity, at the time of payment for the purchased goods.

2.4. When using the online platform STREETWEAR.COM.UA, the Buyer has the right to use only those personal data, bank cards, bank accounts, documents that belong to him legally (issued in his name in the manner prescribed by law).

2.5. The Buyer's data specified during the registration and / or purchase of the Product on the Site / in the Application are stored by the Administrator and may be displayed in his Profile and used by the Administrator and Sellers in further execution and / or execution of Buyer's orders.

2.6. The buyer has the right to change and supplement the data provided by him in the Profile during the entire period of purchases on the online platform STREETWEAR.COM.UA.

2.7. By posting its product offerings on STREETWEAR.COM.UA online, Seller agrees and agrees to abide by this User Agreement, including all conditions set forth below and in the relevant sections (pages) of the Site / Supplements.



Products can be offered in a permanent catalog (regular offers) and / or in Promotions (special offers according to the flash sales model).

3.1. Purchase of Products in Promotions and Sale (Sale) is carried out under the terms of the User Agreement, provided that the terms on which the Products are offered for purchase are valid for a limited period of time from several hours to several days and in limited quantities (unilateral decision of the Seller); / p>

3.2. Promotions and sales are not promotional activities.

3.3. The terms of offering Products in the Applications may differ from the terms of offering the same Products on the Site. The order of the Products is fulfilled under the conditions that applied to the way of using the online platform STREETWEAR.COM.UA (Site or Add-ons), by means of which the Buyer has placed such an order.



4.1. Making and executing orders on the online platform STREETWEAR.COM.UA is carried out in accordance with:

  • the terms of this User Agreement and the sections (pages) of the Site / Applications;
  • conditions specified in the Product Card, on the ordering page, in the accompanying / service documentation and in the settlement documents;
  • terms of sale set by the Seller of a particular Product.

4.2. The Seller's offer to enter into a contract of sale is contained in the Product Card on the Site, which contains information about the product, its price and characteristics. By ordering goods on the Site, the Buyer accepts the Buyer's offer and enters into a contract with him. In agreement with the Administrator, the Seller may set for the Buyers special conditions of the contract of sale of Products offered by him on the online platform STREETWEAR.COM.UA. Special conditions of the contract of sale of Products, established by the Seller, are placed on the Site in the Product Card for the relevant Products by setting out their content (text or other description) or posting a link to the source in which their content is set out. By placing an order for Products for which the Special Terms of the Sales Agreement set by the Seller are placed on the Site in the Product Card, the Buyer certifies that he is fully acquainted with such terms and unquestioningly accepts them. Terms of the User Agreement and sections (pages) of the Site / Appendices that do not contradict the special terms of the sales contract established by the Seller when offering to order goods (services) and purchasing them on the online site STREETWEAR.COM.UA are valid and applicable in in the usual way for all parties to the interaction.

4.3. In order to obtain any necessary, accessible, reliable and timely information about the Product or Seller, for any reason not received on the Site or in the Application directly, the Buyer must contact the Administrator or Seller. The trade name of Sellers who independently organize the delivery of orders and acceptance of returned goods may also be indicated in the Goods Card.

4.4. The Administrator and the Sellers make every effort to provide information about the Products as accurately as possible. To fully display the product information, the Administrator and the Seller have the right to correct errors, change or update the Product information at any time.

4.5. The Administrator and the Seller have no obligation to the Buyer to sell Products that would meet the conditions specified in error.

4.6. An order, the terms of which were stated on the Website / in the Annex with an error, in particular, if an error was made in the price of the Product, is unconcluded and does not create obligations for the Seller and Buyer to buy and sell Products, unless both parties agree other. In this case, the Administrator / Seller may cancel the Buyer's order and refund the money paid for the Product (if it has already been paid by the Buyer) or offer the Buyer to pay the correct amount of the value of the Product.

4.7. Due to the peculiarities of the reproduction of images by different technical devices, some colors of the image of the Product on the pages of the Site / Applications may differ slightly from its actual colors.

4.8. Details of the Seller of a particular Product are indicated in the accompanying documents (goods receipts, etc.) for the Product or documents confirming the fact of transfer of the Product to the Buyer.

4.9. Sending of commodity checks and / or fiscal checks (in case of settlement by the Seller with the use of the registrar of settlement operations), incl. can be carried out through any means of communication in electronic format (including e-mail, e-mail, SMS, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Push-messages, placement in the Profile of the purchased product QR-code or referral such in the above ways to the Buyer, etc.) according to the details specified in the Profile and / or during the formation of the order. In this case, in the case of payment for the purchased goods using money transfer and / or delivery services (including postpaid courier delivery service, etc.), the formation and issuance of fiscal checks to the Buyer may be carried out by the business entity accepting funds from the Buyer.



5.1. To place an order, the Buyer has on the Website or in the Appendix:

  • select a specific Product (press the available options - size, color, quantity, etc.),
  • add selected Products to Cart (click "Add to Cart"),
  • send the order to the Seller (click the "Place an order" button in the Cart or "BUY IN 1 CLICK"). However, depending on the order of interaction between the Administrator and the specific Seller, the order may be sent to the seller through the Administrator.

5.2. By placing an order, the Buyer confirms that:

  • he agrees and unconditionally accepts all the terms of purchase of the Products ordered by him, set out in this Agreement and on the pages of the Site / Appendices, including the Product Card and the ordering page;
  • he got acquainted with the information about the Products, the availability (absence) of preferences, discounts, special terms of payment and / or delivery, terms of warranty service, etc., received it in an amount sufficient for the purchase;
  • Products are ordered in good faith, for personal non-commercial use.

5.3. Ordered Products can be sent to the Buyer in several separate shipments depending on the number of goods, their dimensions, compatibility groups, different Sellers, storage location, available methods of payment or delivery, total cost of the basket, other factors to optimize order fulfillment.

5.4. The number and cost of generated shipments, as well as the cost of delivery of each of them, is displayed in the Cart before placing an order with the Buyer.

5.5. After the order is placed by the Buyer, a confirmation is sent to him indicating the order number by e-mail and / or mobile phone number and / or indicated in the Profile and / or carried out in another way determined by the Administrator / Seller.

5.6. Depending on the terms of the Seller's agreement with the Administrator, individual orders may be forwarded by the Seller's Administrator without processing, to provide confirmation (clarifications) by him directly.

5.7. The order is accepted for execution (the contract of sale between the Buyer and the Seller is considered concluded) upon receipt by the Buyer of confirmation of acceptance of the order.

5.8. In case of detection of impossibility to fulfill the Buyer's order, the Seller may reject the order, including after its confirmation, by sending the Buyer a relevant e-mail and / or mobile phone number and / or indicated in the Profile and / or otherwise determined by the Administrator / The seller. In this case, the rights and obligations of the parties related to the purchase, sale, delivery and delivery of the ordered Products to the Buyer and its payment are terminated, and the value paid by the Buyer is returned to the card from which payment was made.

5.9. The buyer can check the progress of the order in his Profile.

5.10. The Buyer bears all risks related to incorrect contact data, third party contact details, transferring the number and other data of his order to third parties, saving the login and password to his account (Profile) or transferring his Profile data to third parties. . All actions performed in the Profile and / or using the Buyer's data are considered by the Administrator to be the actions of the Buyer and the Administrator is not responsible for such actions.



6.1. The price of the Products is indicated in Ukrainian hryvnia, determined taking into account the tax status of the Seller and does not include the cost of delivery, which is paid by the Buyer separately according to the chosen method of delivery and activated loyalty programs on the online site STREETWEAR.COM.UA. In this case, the cost of goods and delivery is determined by the Seller at its discretion.

6.2. The Seller has the right to unilaterally change the prices of the Products offered for purchase without notice. Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, no price change is allowed after the order has been accepted by the Seller for execution and the Buyer has received a confirmation message.

6.3. The method of payment for the Product is chosen by the Buyer from the options available for this type of Product and specified in the Product Card and / or on the ordering page.

6.4. In case of detection of abuse by the Buyer of the rights granted to him as a consumer by law and this Agreement (orders in excess of normal consumer needs, simultaneous order of a batch of Products with one item but different sizes / colors, etc.) or achieving a percentage cancellations, refusals and returns of Products in excess of the Administrator, the Administrator (Seller) has the right to limit the permissible payment methods for the Buyer and require only prepayment by bank card at the time of ordering and / or the Administrator has the right to block the relevant Buyer's Profile. / p>

6.5. Information on the percentage of cancellations, refusals and refunds set by the Administrator, the achievement of which is the basis for limiting the methods of payment and / or blocking the Buyer's Profile, may be posted in the relevant sections of the Site / Appendices, provided to the Buyer in his Profile payment, as well as provided to the Buyer at his request to the Administrator.

6.6. The goods at the time of its transfer, and the service at the time of the Buyer's request to provide it, must be paid in full. In the case of concluding a contract of sale with payment in installments or on credit, the terms of payment and transfer of Products are set by the terms of such agreement.

6.7. According to the current legislation of Ukraine, the Buyer may be required to provide additional information and documents (passport, registration number of the taxpayer's account card, etc.) in order to pay for the Products (depending on the chosen method of payment).



7.1. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine except the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the territories of the Joint Forces Operations, unless otherwise stated in the Goods Card or on the ordering page.

7.2. The Buyer chooses the method of delivery from the options available for a particular Product and specified in the Product Card and / or on the ordering page.

7.3. The cost of the chosen method of delivery is determined by the Seller independently and at its discretion and indicated on the product ordering page in accordance with the tariffs posted in the Product Card (services) and / or on the ordering page, as well as whether the Seller organizes delivery or uniform conditions of the online platform STREETWEAR.COM.UA, and whether the Buyer is a member of a loyalty program (card / subscription / coupon or other).

7.4. Terms and conditions of delivery are determined by the relevant delivery service depending on the method of delivery chosen by the Buyer. The administrator is not responsible for the terms and conditions of delivery and does not specify them. The approximate delivery time may be indicated in the Product Card and / or in the Profile.

7.5. Delivery of the ordered Products to the Buyer is a separate service, which is considered to be provided at the time of receipt of the Products by the Buyer.

7.6. When the Product is returned by the Buyer, the cost of delivery is non-refundable, regardless of whether the product fee is refundable.



8.1. The order is considered fulfilled, and the ownership of the Product and related risks, including destruction and / or damage to the Product, pass from the Seller to the Buyer at the time of actual transfer to the Buyer, confirmed by the Buyer's signature in the relevant document accompanying the Product invoice (receipts, delivery registers, etc.) and / or a document provided by the relevant delivery service, confirming the transfer of goods to the Buyer.

8.2. In order to receive the order, the Buyer must present an identity document (the list of documents for receiving the Products may be established by the relevant delivery service).

8.3. The Buyer has the right to violate the integrity of the packaging of the Product, to try on and dispose of the Product in any other way at its discretion only after full payment, unless otherwise provided by the loyalty program of which the Buyer is a participant. This provision does not deprive the Buyer of the rights provided by the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection" to return Products of proper and improper quality under appropriate conditions.



9.1. Products purchased on the online site STREETWEAR.COM.UA are guaranteed in accordance with applicable law and service policy of the Seller (manufacturer / performer).

9.2. If no other warranty period is specified in the Product Card (or in the accompanying documentation for the Product, in the settlement document, in the current legislation of Ukraine), the warranty period for such Products specified by the Seller is 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of receipt. p>

9.3. The Administrator assists in the consideration of Buyers' appeals in connection with the occurrence of warranty cases, while ensuring the fulfillment of warranty obligations is entrusted to the Seller.

9.4. The rules of interaction between the parties in the event of warranty cases can be described in more detail in separate sections (on the pages) of the Site (mobile applications).


9.5. In order to return any goods, regardless of the reasons for return, the Buyer must enclose in the package with the returned goods, a completed and signed return application, indicating the name and quantity of the returned goods, as well as the actual reasons for return , as well as other data specified by the Administrator / Seller.

9.6. Goods supplied in individual packaging (manufacturer's packaging) are subject to return in such packaging. When shipping, such packaging must be additionally packaged by the Buyer to preserve its integrity and appearance.

9.7. The Seller has the right to refuse to accept the goods if it was improperly packed when returned by the Buyer, as a result of which the individual packaging left traces and / or damage (including those that occur during transportation: scratches, wrinkles, markings, additional fixing of cargo and / or accompanying documents, etc.) - as a product, the appearance of which is not preserved by the Buyer.

9.8. Regardless of the type of goods, the Seller has the right not to accept such goods if it is sent on a postpaid basis. The cost of delivery of bulky goods and goods weighing more than 5 kilograms is reimbursed to the Buyer after confirmation of significant defects.

9.9. In case of sending by the Buyer for return the goods, which were accepted by him earlier and are not subject to return by law or do not correspond to the order number (replaced), are incomplete, do not have all documents, are not packed properly, quality goods have traces of use or damaged packaging , for the goods missed the deadline for return or warranty period (depending on the requirements of the Buyer), the grounds for returning the goods are not confirmed, return of goods is not accepted, and payment for such goods is not refundable.

9.10. In case of confirmation of the grounds for returning the goods, the contract of sale is considered terminated, and the goods - returned on the day of actual receipt of the goods and all necessary documents for its return.

9.11. Delivery to the Buyer of goods not accepted by the Seller for return is carried out at the expense of the Buyer.

Return quality goods

9.12. Goods of proper quality are returned only in the absence of signs of use, in undamaged packaging, complete with a complete set of documents.


9.13. If the goods have defects that are not significant defects, after 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt, the Buyer has the right to contact the Seller with the requirements of applicable law of Ukraine in case of purchase of goods of improper quality.

Significant flaws

9.14. Replacement or return of goods during the warranty period is carried out only in the presence of a significant defect, which can be confirmed by an official / authorized service center and evidence of such a defect when receiving the goods in the courier service.

9.15. The Buyer's requirements for the return of goods (in the presence of significant defects) with compensation for its value are met provided that the Buyer takes all necessary actions in the warranty case, which are set out in this User Agreement, specified in relevant sections (pages) of the Site. including:

  • submitting a completed and signed return application together with the goods,
  • sending the goods in the proper packaging in full,
  • providing together with the goods all accompanying documents and documents confirming the existence of a significant defect (conclusion of the service center, evidence of such a defect when receiving the goods in the service of courier delivery, payment document for the goods (check, receipt, etc.), warranty coupon, technical passport, etc.),
  • providing bank (card) account details for transfer of compensation.

9.16. The Seller has the right to refuse to accept the goods sent by the Buyer without providing the required documents, as well as not to consider the Buyer's application until the elimination of its shortcomings. In this case, the date of termination of the contract of sale will be the date of elimination of the Buyer's deficiencies (provision of necessary documents, etc.).

9.17. If the Buyer does not eliminate the defects within 1 month, the Seller's obligation to ensure the preservation of such goods is terminated, and he has the right to dispose of the goods at its discretion.

9.18. The Seller is not obliged to return the goods, the return application for which is made by the Buyer improperly or in case of failure to provide the necessary documents.

9.19. The Buyer's claims are not subject to satisfaction if it is proved that the defects of the goods have arisen as a result of violation by the Buyer of the rules of use of the goods, conditions of its storage or conditions of return.

9.20. Terms and procedure for returning the goods (proper or improper quality) may also be determined in certain sections (pages) of the Site, including the "Assistance" section.



10.1. The funds are returned to the Buyer upon receipt of the returned Products, processing by the Seller duly completed by the Buyer application for return with attached documents on the goods and confirmation of the grounds for return.

10.2. The term and method of returning the funds to the Buyer is determined by the Seller in accordance with applicable law.

10.3. To refund, the Buyer has the right to indicate his bank card details in the Profile and in the refund request.

10.4. Unless otherwise specified by the Seller or not agreed by the Buyer and the Seller, funds for returned Products are transferred to the bank card from which payment for this Product was made, and if payment was made without using a bank card - to the bank card specified in the Profile as the main and / or in the refund request.

10.5. If there are several bank cards in the Buyer's Profile, he must determine the main one in advance. If there is only one bank card in the Profile, it is the primary one.



11.1. The Administrator may introduce loyalty programs for Buyers, including in the form of prepaid service, coupons (including discounts), gift cards, detailed conditions of which are specified on the Site / in the Appendices.

11.2. Loyalty programs may not apply to certain Products or certain Sellers, as indicated in the Product Card and / or on the ordering page.

11.3. The Administrator may conduct advertising and marketing activities (activities) to maintain consumer awareness of the online platform STREETWEAR.COM.UA and the Products offered on it for purchase, as well as to attract new customers.

11.4. Appropriate activities can be carried out:

  • on the Site / in the Applications;
  • on the pages of STREETWEAR.COM.UA in social networks (Facebook, Instagram).

11.5. Unless otherwise stated in the advertisement for any advertising and marketing activities of the Administrator, it is considered that:

  • The rules and conditions of such events, including the conditions for receiving and using incentives (bonuses, rewards for participation in the competition, etc.), are posted on the Site / in the Appendices and / or they can be found at the call center of the Administrator,
  • Such measures are valid on the whole territory of Ukraine, except for the territory of Crimea and the Environmental Protection Agency.

11.6. By registering and / or purchasing Products on the online platform STREETWEAR.COM.UA, the Buyer agrees to receive updated information, newsletters with the latest news, new arrivals, special offers and sales announcements through any means of communication, including e-mails, SMS, Viber, Push notifications according to the details specified in the Profile.

11.7. If the Buyer wishes to refuse to send information from STREETWEAR.COM.UA, which has an advertising character, he can contact the support service or unsubscribe from the Profile.



12.1. The Administrator and the Buyer may exchange information about the Product via e-mail, telephone (SMS), Viber, mobile applications, advertisements and / or messages.

12.2. The Administrator ensures the information exchange of the Buyer with the Sellers and acts as an intermediary (mediator) in the consideration of appeals and settlement of claims of Buyers as consumers.

12.3. The Buyer communicates with the Seller (regarding the properties of the Product, terms and methods of delivery, in case of disputes, etc.) through the contacts located in the Product card / in the section Requests Profile. If such information is not available, the Buyer may contact the Administrator.

12.4. The content of all negotiations of the Buyer with employees and other representatives of the Administrator, carried out by any means of communication can be recorded and stored. By having a conversation with the Administrator (his representative), including telephone and chat, the Buyer agrees to record, save and use its contents in resolving issues related to such conversation.



The Privacy Policy applies to this Site and its Appendices (which, including the text of this Agreement, include services, goods, products, etc.). The privacy policy includes a description of what information we collect, how we may use it, and the choices we offer you in managing the information we collect about your use of our Services.

13.1. Personal information collected during the provision of our Services. The information you provided.

You may visit and use many of our Services without disclosing your personal information. However, in order to use separate, special or extended groups of Services, you will need to provide us with certain personal information in order for these groups to function properly. When we use extended groups of our Services (such as creating a profile, organizing a promotion, making a purchase, or posting comments), the personal information we collect may include (but is not limited to):

  1. First name, middle name and last name,
  2. Email address and / or email address,
  3. Password,
  4. Actual address,
  5. Phone numbers,
  6. Date of birth,
  7. Payment card information,
  8. Location information,
  9. Contacts (stored on your wireless device) and other personal information detailed in this Privacy Policy and information that may be requested and provided by you (including IP address, etc.).

If we collect such information, in most cases the relevant page (s) or location (s) of the Services will include information on what information is required for the proper functioning of the Service Groups and the functionality you need to provide the requested or required information. In addition to the list above, you may be required to consent to the use of your other information in the manner set forth on the relevant Service page (s).

13.1.1. In the cases provided on the Site / in the Appendices (simplified payment procedure by bank card, payment in installments (on credit), cash, in excess of the statutory amount, other special conditions of receipt or payment of Products, refund for returned Products, etc.) additional actions, providing additional data and / or documents about yourself in the manner and under the terms of this User Agreement.

13.1.2. Failure to provide (incomplete provision) of personal data by the Buyer, which according to the algorithms established by the Administrator of the online site STREETWEAR.COM.UA necessary to perform operations ordered by the Buyer, is considered a refusal of the Buyer to perform such operations and require the Administrator, Seller or financial partner what actions in favor of the Buyer, due to the content of such transactions.

13.2. Terms and Disclosure of Your Personal Information.

If you provide personal information to us or to third parties acting on our behalf, we may use and disclose your information in the manner set forth in this Privacy Policy and brought to your attention at the time you first provide your information, or permissible in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine. We will not sell, make available for temporary use, publish or disclose your personal information to anyone, except as provided in this Privacy Policy. We may use and disclose your personal information in the cases described in Section 1 above, and we may:

1) Use your information to provide the services you request or provide you with offers, information on promotional activities (such as promotions, subscriptions to goods and services, etc.) or content, or add you to our mailing list; /> 2) Use your information to send you emails, including notifications about the Site, the Add-ons regarding your interaction with our Site and the Add-ons, products, services, sponsors, partners and affiliates when you make purchases, agree to terms or conditions or otherwise interact with our Site and Applications, provided that the sending of such electronic messages is allowed by current legislation of Ukraine, as well as sending commodity checks and / or fiscal checks (in case of payment for purchased products by the Seller using the registrar of settlement transactions) means of communication in electronic format (including e-mail address, e-mail address, SMS, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Push-messages) according to the details specified in the Profile and / or when ordering; > 3) Share your information with third parties, including service providers, sponsors and promotion partners, so that they can assist us in providing services, offers, information about promotional activities or content requested by you, or for other reasons in accordance with advertising policies. measures or conditions brought to your attention at the time of providing personal information so that third parties may conduct promotional activities, send you offers or content, or add you to their mailing list;
4) Transfer your data after prior notice to the appropriate location of our Services, where we collect your personal information for economic transactions and inform you that we will share such information with third parties;
5) Use and pass on your information to our third-party survey partners to send you periodic surveys to improve the quality of our Services;
6) Use and transfer your information in connection with loyalty programs, membership or bonus (promotional) programs that accompany the use of our Services, or third parties from whom you may purchase goods or services in connection with such a program; or use or transmit your information with your permission.

13.3. Learn more about collecting location data.

Location data we collect. While you use our Services, we may ask you for permission to collect location data. Please note that some features of our Add-ons require us to verify your current location, and therefore some features may not be available if you choose not to provide us with location information. The nature of the requested location data may depend on a number of factors, including your device (such as laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.), your method of connecting to the Internet (such as wired broadband, wireless, etc.). If you allow our Add-ons to determine your location, we may receive location data (such as a zip code) from time to time when you use or leave our Add-ons open. We may also use this information internally or in conjunction with our third party service providers to personalize yours and submit suggestions that may suit you. Depending on the platform you use to access our Apps (such as Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows, etc.), you can use the internal settings of your wireless device or App to verify that location data is being transmitted. p>

13.4. Learn more about our access to your contacts.

Access your contacts. As you use our apps, we may ask you for permission to access your contact list (such as an address book) so that we can compare people on your contact list with those who already participate in our apps and use our services. We do not store information from your contact list.

13.5. Other information collected and disclosed as part of the provision of our Services. Our cookies and web beacons.

We use and permit the use of automated methods, such as cookies (a small amount of information that contains a unique sequence of characters that is sent to your browser or application from computers on the Site and stored on the hard drive of your computer or device ), web beacons (technology used to track activity, also known as pixel tags) or similar technologies, alone or in combination with information that allows you to identify the person you choose to provide us with. Examples of information that we collect and analyze using these methods include (but are not limited to): personal information certified by you, the address of the Internet Protocol (IP address) used to connect your computer or devices with the Internet; Email address; account name and password type and version of the operating system and
computer or device platform shopping history; complete history of Uniform Resource Locator (URL) visits to our Services, including date and time; and the products you have viewed or searched for. We use software to evaluate and collect session data, including page response times, load errors, pageview times, page interaction information (such as scrolling, clicking, and hovering over items), and methods used to go to other pages. We use and may allow third parties who provide services related to our Services to receive automated data collection methods to allow you to use the "basket" when using our Services, maintain your preferences and improve, provide and personalize content and offers. of our Services.

Third-party cookies and beacons; Network advertisers.

We allow certain third parties, such as those who provide advertising, content, access to social networks or other services related to our Services, to use cookies, web beacons or similar technologies in certain sections of the site, related to the Services, or in certain emails sent by us. Third-party companies that monitor and provide advertising on the Site and in applications such as ours are commonly referred to as "network advertisers." An authorized network advertiser may use cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies to collect information about your interactions with our Services in order to tailor advertisements and content delivered through our Services and other websites within the ad network. advertiser. You can opt out of targeted behavioral advertising from many large third-party network advertisers.
Social networks.

When using our services on certain third-party social networks (for example, Facebook, Twitter, Google+) (individually or together, hereinafter referred to as "Social Network"), you may be able to connect your account on the Site, in the Appendix to the account in your Social Network. If you allow such a connection, you allow us to share or publish information about your use of our Services with this Social Network and its users, access your information on the Social Network provided by you at the time you agreed to connect. The information we may share with the Social Network may include (but are not limited to): technical information about your use of our Services, your comments on the Services or videos you have viewed using our Services. Social media information about you that we may access with your permission may include (but are not limited to) a list of basic information about your Social Network account, location information, your contact list, friends and subscribers, and certain types. Your activity in the Social Network. If you allow a connection between the Social Network and our Services, we (and this Social Network) may identify you and link the information obtained as a result of this connection to the information we already have about you. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the privacy policies and privacy settings of the Social Network from which you choose to share information.

Device ID.

When you use our Mobile Application (including the Site), we or a third-party service provider may record a unique identifier for your device and use this information in a generalized and impersonal form to research our users and improve the quality of our services. .

13.6. Other circumstances in which your information may be disclosed.

We may provide aggregate demographics to third parties. This information is not related to personal information that may identify you or anyone else.
After some time, TRADE EVEN LLC may be sold together with its assets, or another corporate agreement may take place. In this case, customer information may be one of the assets we have transferred.

We may ask you for your personal and general information in accordance with court summonses, warrants or orders. If we are required to do so, we will unconditionally comply with the law. In addition, notwithstanding any provision of this Privacy Policy to the contrary, we reserve the right to use, disclose or provide your personal and general information to investigate, prevent or take action in connection with illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations related to potential threats to the security of any person, violations of the Agreement on the use of any of our Services, or in accordance with the law.

13.7.Management of your information.

You can choose and control what specific information you provide about yourself and what specific information will be collected automatically when using our Services. If you do not wish to provide certain information necessary to use the extended functionality or content of our Services, please do not use this functionality or content.
If you do not want information to be collected through cookies, most browsers have a simple procedure that allows the user to accept or not accept most cookies. Certain types of cookies that are used to access the videos available on our Site are called shared local objects or Flash cookies, and cannot but be managed through the settings of your web browser.

13.8. Other information.

We do not place any spyware or advertising programs on our Services, do not distribute any commercial messages, and do not allow any commercial messages to be distributed to third parties through spyware or advertising programs. "Spyware" or "advertising program" means any software that has been downloaded or installed on a user's computer or Internet device without his or her actual consent, and facilitates the display of commercial messages to the user. If you think that your computer may have spyware installed from another company, there are various anti-spyware and anti-adware software available on the Internet to help you determine if this is the case.

13.8.1. How we protect your information.

We take appropriate security measures to collect, store and process the collected data to protect it from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your personal information (username, password, transaction information and data stored on our Site) .

13.8.2. Sharing personal information.

We do not sell, exchange or rent users' personal information. We may provide general non-personal demographic data to our partners and advertisers for the purposes described above. We may use third-party service providers to help us manage our business and the Site or to manage activities on our behalf, such as mailing or statistical and other research. We may share this information with these third parties for limited purposes, provided that you have given us the appropriate permission (agreement).

13.8.3. Changes to the Privacy Policy.

We have the right, at our discretion, to update the privacy policy at any time. We encourage users to check this page regularly to be aware of any changes in how we protect the personal information we collect. By using the Site, you agree to be responsible for periodically reviewing and changing the Privacy Policy.

13.8.4. Your agreement to these terms.

By using the Site and / or the Application, you express your unconditional agreement with this policy. If you do not agree with this policy, please do not use our Site and / or the Application. Your continued use of the Site following changes to the privacy policy will be considered as your agreement to these changes.

13.8.5. Disclaimer.

This privacy policy does not apply to third-party sites. The Site Administration is not responsible for the actions of other websites.

Contact us.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, you may contact us at: info@STREETWEAR.COM.UA.

If we make a significant change to the applicable Privacy Policy, we will post you on our Site page and within our Appendices so that you can review the updated policy.



14.1. Buyers can leave feedback on the Products purchased by them on the STREETWEAR.COM.UA online platform in the Product Cards on the Site / in the Appendices, in order to share objective and reliable consumer experiences.

14.2. Customer reviews are posted on the online site STREETWEAR.COM.UA as is, without corrections or reductions of the Administrator.

14.3. The administrator reserves the right to remove from the online site STREETWEAR.COM.UA (not to publish) any feedback, in particular if:

  • it does not apply to the description of the Product or is placed in the Card of another product;
  • contains a description of the Products that the Buyer did not purchase on the online site STREETWEAR.COM.UA;
  • refers to isolated cases or individual negative experiences that are not systemic in nature,
  • contains expressions in a rude and derogatory form towards any person;
  • concerns the cost of the Product, pricing on the online platform STREETWEAR.COM.UA;
  • contains direct or hidden links to other sites or stores, including their addresses;
  • repeats the same questions
  • contains fraud (pictures, letter set, meaningless text, etc.),
  • violates the provisions of law, norms of public morality,
  • is invalid.

14.4. The Administrator does not provide media services to Buyers and does not oblige Buyers to publish any of their feedback.

14.5. The Administrator may, but does not undertake, inform the Buyer about the posting or removal of his feedback.

14.6. Decisions to publish or remove feedback are made by the Administrator in its sole discretion and are not subject to appeal.



15.1. The Administrator is not responsible for the Seller's obligations.

15.2. In cases where the Administrator is not a seller of goods or performers of services offered on the online platform STREETWEAR.COM.UA, he is not responsible to Buyers and obligations resulting from the conclusion of a contract of sale of goods or services on the Site / in the Appendices, including, but not limited to, the sale of goods, delivery, warranty obligations of the Seller, refund for the Product, non-compliance of the Products with the expectations of the Buyer, fulfillment of other obligations by the Seller.

15.3. The Administrator shall not be liable for any losses of the Buyer related to the purchase of Products on the Site / in the Appendices and for the actions of third parties / terms (procedure) of their provision of services providing services to the Buyer / Supplier, including but not limited to , regarding services for payment for Products, delivery of Products, etc.

15.4. The Administrator has the right to make changes to the text of this Agreement at any time without prior notice. The changes take effect from the moment of their publication.

15.5. The Buyer is responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information communicated by him to the Administrator, contained in his feedback / comments, and may be held liable for providing and / or disseminating inaccurate information, offensive information and that violates / may violate rights and protected by law the interests of third parties, regardless of whether they are users, sellers of the online platform STREETWEAR.COM.UA or not.

15.6. In case of violation of the terms of this Agreement (including ordering Products for commercial (business) activities (resale)), the Buyer must reimburse the Administrator (Seller) for damages related to such violation.

15.7. The Administrator reserves the right to block the Buyer (deprive him of the opportunity to order and purchase Products), apply to law enforcement agencies and pass them the data of such Buyer if any actions of the Buyer, in the opinion of the Administrator are signs of abuse, fraud and / or or may harm the interests of other buyers and / or third parties and / or block Buyers' access to the Site / Add-ons at its sole discretion.

15.8. Information on the percentage of cancellations, refusals and returns set by the Administrator, the achievement of which is the basis for blocking the Buyer, may be placed in the relevant sections of the Site / Appendices, provided to the Buyer in his Profile or blocking messages, and provided to the Buyer at his request to Administrator.


The edition is effective from December 1, 2021