Sports casual for girls

If you are not a fan of business style and do not perceive Barbie outfits, then a completely unique sport casual style will suit you. Everything that girls in casual clothes lack for comfort, when you need to solve a bunch of issues and look perfect at the same time, got into it. Therefore, the sport casual style is loved by all fashionistas, from students to show business stars, it is practical and versatile, it allows you to feel great at school, in daily worries, and when traveling, and at the same time always look neat, stylish and flawless.< /p>

For those who want the sport casual style to become their feature, but do not know where to start, we offer a selection of images with different components.

So... Sport casual – casual wardrobe idea and its individual elements are akin to street style. At the same time, it is important to remember that these are not clothes for sports or training, but the components of an image for every day, which are perfect for outdoor recreation, trips to the forest, walks in the park.

One of the rules of everyday casual is the selection of clothes with the effect of slight negligence and ease without the slightest hint of outrageousness. These can be jeans, plain t-shirts & nbsp; and T-shirts, simple sweatpants & sweatshirts, sweatshirts & nbsp; and & nbsp; puser, bombers and down jackets, overalls and baseball caps. In a word, things that we wear every day.

As for combinations, sport casual style fashion provides for the presence of restraint and originality, confidence and modesty, smoothness of lines and a moderate nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;of color variations in one image at the same time. And also – things in a simple style and laconic cut, which look great with converse, and with sneakers, and with sneakers, and with slip-ons, and with other comfortable shoes that will only emphasize a relaxed look.

At the same time, the sport casual style does not involve the use of a large amount of accessories, a minimum wide scarf, an oversized knitted hat, a fitness bracelet, a backpack or a sports bag are allowed.

Summing up all the above, let's say that the sporty casual style – the choice of energetic, purposeful and enthusiastic people in whose life sport or any activity plays an important role. And learn to dress likewise – real art, which our online store will help you learn: