Stylish men's knitwear

Beautiful clothes are no longer considered a luxury, but one of the components of our life, which actually forms the opinion of others about us. In addition, good & nbsp; and high-quality things & nbsp; are always relevant and & nbsp; can be useful in completely different cases. The same applies to the wardrobe of a modern man, the compilation of which requires a special approach, because a busy modern life requires us to feel confident and decisive.

Therefore, in order to always be "on a horse"; and ready for any twists of fate, we strongly recommend that you foresee the presence of knitwear in your wardrobe: jackets, jumpers, sweaters, turtlenecks. They, like no other type of men's clothing, optimally combine practicality, convenience, and elegance. A rich variety of styles, colors and textures allows you to choose a harmonious addition to any look, whether it be classic or street style.

What is knitwear?

Knitwear from French translates as "knit, knit". And although now many skeptics will begin to resent that knitted clothes – are purely feminine things, we dare to assure you that since the time of the ancient Egyptians, hand knitting has been an exclusively male craft, and knitted stockings have long been considered only a male part of the toilet.  Until the 18th century, men knitwear meant exceptionally high stockings, tights and tight pants.

Over time, knitwear became more and more popular, and already in the 20th century, the legends of world fashion, Coco Chanel, Sonia Rykiel and Pierre Cardin, elevated knitted turtlenecks, sweaters, cardigans, and other elements of men's wardrobe to the fashionable Olympus.


Today, under the concept of "knitwear" means a knitted fabric or a finished one-piece knitted product from it. In structure, it represents a dense weave of one or more types of threads, interwoven using a special knitting machine. And in the manufacture of knitted fabric used natural raw materials (cotton, wool, linen, etc.), synthetic (polyester, lycra, etc.) and artificial (for example, viscose) fibers. But most often there are mixed types of knitwear that combine the properties of natural and synthetic threads. Through the use of such materials, knitwear acquires a number of advantages that are not characteristic of clothing made from other fabrics.

The advantages of knitted men's clothing

When choosing clothes, men, first of all, evaluate its comfort and practicality. And knitwear is the best fit for these requirements, because they:

  • soft and pleasant to the body;
  • practical and comfortable to wear: they fit the body without strong tension and do not wrinkle, so they can not be ironed at all;
  • elastic and do not restrict movement; 
  • breathe well and retain heat at the same time;
  • do not cause allergies;
  • have wear resistance;
  • unpretentious and do not require special care;
  • during washing, they do not shed, do not deform and do not shrink;
  • resistant to all external influences;
  • do not accumulate static electricity.

But the most pleasant plus of knitted fabric – is its durability. Remember, for sure, in your closet there are 2-3 sweaters bought as a student. They have not changed much over time: they have not lost their color or size, they have not changed their shape. And all because jersey – the most versatile, wear-resistant and durable material and no other type of fabric can be compared with it. 

Types of men's knitwear

If you think that men's knitwear – these are only classic models of knitted sweaters and jackets, then you should know that this is not so.  Men's knitwear – it multifunctional clothing, which is designed for comfort, the formation of ideal images for every day and going out, as well as to achieve new heights and victories in life! Therefore, it is not surprising that knitwear on the modern market is presented in a variety of variations. Consider their most popular types:

  • golf or turtleneck. This is the most versatile and classic type of clothing that is worn over the head. A stand-up collar in such clothes may have a zipper, buttons or buttons. Can be easily used as a standalone piece of clothing or can be worn under a jacket, jacket or a warm sweater;

  • sweatshirt – a kind of sports sweater. Such a free-cut product gained its popularity during the time of active introduction of sports and sportswear into our life and quickly became an important component of the attire of urban sports lovers: rollers, skateboarders, cyclists. Sweatshirts also have a variety of – hoodie, which, unlike the classic version, has a hood;
  •   sweater warm knitwear with or without collar the main feature of which is that it has no fasteners, while it can be free-cut or fitted 

  • jumper – elongated knitted men's clothing, without fasteners or with a zipper on the collar. A jumper is put on over the head and, unlike golf, does not fit the body;
  • cardigan. This knitted men's wardrobe is the most ideal for business style and the best combination of practicality, comfort and elegance. The cardigan differs from other types of knitwear by the obligatory presence of a button fastener and a small V-shaped neckline. But in sports models, a hood and large patch pockets are allowed.

As you can see, a stylish men's knitted jumper can often organically replace a jacket and other classic solutions in an image.  

As for the combination of men's knitwear with other elements of the wardrobe, T-shirts, shirts, jeans, dress pants and even sweatpants are most harmoniously suited to it, which makes knitwear the most versatile and suitable for men who lead an active lifestyle and want to look great always and everywhere.