How to wear paita?

Did you see old fashion magazines in your nightstand at your mom or grandma's? If yes, then surely you have come across such words as "jumper", "pullover", "olympic shirt". Yes, and in the lexicon of the older generation, such words also slip — 100%! But to this day, these concepts have come down in a slightly modified form, like the things themselves and their styles. Today we wear sweatshirts, raglans and long sleeves, and when it gets colder we remember sweatshirts. But all this is called by the common name "payta", which is worthy of our closest consideration.

What is paita?

We guarantee that you have heard this word more than once. It is incomprehensible to many, but almost every lover of sports style has a thing with this name. The word "paita" means "shirt" in Finnish. Wikipedia says payta — it is a loose outerwear with a clasp in the front, originally from Russia in the 19th century. Then it was a long hoodie under the belt with a strap on the chest. Today, from the old concept of pita, only hoodie remains, that is, the most free cut that does not restrict movement, and modern men's pita — this is the same as a knitted sweater, sweatshirt, body shirt or jumper. It can be:

- for guys, girls, unisex;

- with a zipper, with buttons or without fasteners at all;

- long, short, ultra-short;

- with pockets on the sides or "kangaroo";

- with or without a hood.

Signs specific to pita — free cut and soft fabric, can be with fleece, pile or fur, which further improve the thermal insulation properties of the jacket. Such clothes were especially relevant in the USSR. Then, in the era of smugglers who sold scarce foreign clothing, they were purchased in Finland, and then distributed among Soviet fashionistas.  Over time, the term "payta" went to the people and became synonymous with outerwear for outdoor activities.

How to wear paita for a guy?

Today's trends allow you to wear comfortable sports sweaters not only during training. Hoodies, sweatshirts and sweatshirts, or in a word, peytes, are suitable for active and relaxed leisure, walks and travels. Essential for teen and youth wardrobes and unisex style, they provide warmth and help you blend into the crowd, especially if you're a celebrity tired of the rays of glory.

Pights with a strong character for men — these are voluminous products with a zipper and large pockets in front, they can have a high collar and a hood. As a rule, men's pita are decorated with brand logos, designer prints and emblems of prestigious universities. As for the colors, they are dominated by a monochromatic range.

If you consider yourself to be bohemian, then choose an elongated pita or a cardigan that will give the image a touch of intellectual negligence. Wear pita with elements of an informal men's wardrobe — jeans, chinos, sweatpants, sneakers and sneakers. The only taboo — dress pants and shoes.

Women's tights are suitable for everyone, regardless of age and build. Such sweaters can vary in length and degree of fit, which allows you to emphasize or hide the features of the figure. The most popular are women's paytes from the category of knitted cardigans. These things made of thick woolen yarn can partly even replace a demi-season coat. But a thin knitted pita will complement the basic set with jeans and sneakers. Whereas a knitted cardigan and a light floral chiffon dress with chunky boots in an army or cowboy style can be considered a modern interpretation of hippie style.

Modern trends equate such familiar to us sports pita with democratic knitwear in terms of combinations with the wardrobe. But we want to give a friendly advice: buying pita should not confuse and raise questions. Only in this way will payta become your constant ally and friend.

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