Man's mantle

What do Count Dracula, Harry Potter and a modern city dweller have in common? This is not a passion for magic and not a difficult character, but a mantle – clothing for desperate lovers of travel, adventure and new experiences.

Although something new and radical appears extremely rarely in men's fashion, the mantle is precisely the novelty of the men's wardrobe. For the first time they could be seen on the stars of show business a few years ago, but gradually the robes went to the masses and began to gain popularity.

But initially, the prototype of modern men's robes appeared in the early Middle Ages in Scandinavia, whose natives conquered vast distances, founded states and even reached America. Then, the shoulders of the Vikings were covered with the skins of northern animals, which protected wind and freezing rain. So is the modern mantle – although it no longer has wolf or bear help, it is also able to warm and create a majestic image.

So what kind of outlandish beast is this – mantle? This is a long & nbsp; men's cardigan jacket with a free cut and with or without a hood, it can have an asymmetrical cut, fasten or not. Depending on the material of execution, the mantle can be light, cotton, which is suitable for summer or warm off-season, or insulated, winter, with fur. With regards to colors and length, you can buy a mantle in neutral colors knee-length or long, even to the floor.

Usually, men's mantles do not have decor, but massive buttons, locks and inserts are allowed to complement the image, the hoods of winter models can be trimmed with a fur frill.

In a word, the – mantle is a universal wardrobe item, which is still underestimated by the strong half of humanity. But in vain. After all, the mantle:

  • it's beautiful. This thing will unobtrusively make even a simple look interesting;
  • This is not pathetic. The mantle will add to the image of relaxation, but at the same time will not spoil the male figure;
  • is functional. That is, the mantle is not suitable for a business look, but otherwise – freedom of action;
  • it is both warm and cool at the same time. The mantle allows you to control the degree of "warmthing" your outfit;
  • it's varied.

The last point refers to the combination of the mantle with other wardrobe items. So, the mantle is suitable for almost all things in the men's wardrobe, but most of all for skinny jeans, fitted sweatshirts and massive shoes on the platform. In such a combination, the mantle will allow you to create an image of a strong-willed, calm and self-confident person who knows how to firmly state his own priorities.