Sport casual: style and comfort in one bottle

Residents of megacities, especially young people, live in such a rhythm that you can’t even call it crazy. They strive to embrace the immensity and become successful in various fields, therefore they try to combine study with work, remember loved ones, but also devote a lot of time for personal growth and their favorite hobbies and hobbies. And in order to find energy for all this, more and more people are switching to a healthy lifestyle, giving preference to sports and proper nutrition. It is not surprising that in such conditions, the majority chooses comfort and practicality in everything, especially in clothes for everyday wear. And only things in a sporty style or in the so-called sport casual meet these criteria.

The origins and modernity of sport casual style

Sport casual style – very relaxed. It is a symbiosis of sports and casual styles and is considered the most comfortable and versatile. Its first manifestations began back in the 50s among the followers of the English movement Teddy-boys, who wanted to stand out from the background of wealthy lords. In the late 70s sporty casual soccer fans  fight and beer lovers who needed light and comfortable things. In the late 90s, fashion industry gurus paid attention to sports casual.  And away we go!

Modern sport casual style – a favorite casual wear option for active people who are passionate any kind of sport and value comfort, practicality and functionality above all. In addition, sport –  ; these are not just sportswear, these are things with an appropriate character that do not have any specific purpose and do not carry a functional load. They do not differ in cut from regular training suits and may have similar details, decorations or finishes. But for sports such outfits will absolutely unsuitable. This is the case with sneakers: running their types are used only for sports, and sports shoes on the platform are suitable only for creating images in the style of sport- chic or sport casual.

Sport casual clothing: what is it?

The basis of sport casual style – is jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, sweatshirts  A tracksuit is considered no less relevant, which characterizes its owner as an active and purposeful personality. But the most indicative is a comfortable outfit of sneakers, jeans and a basic white T-shirt – an image that characterizes the style of sport casual better than words. 

Other pieces of clothing that are perfect for this style include classic polo shirts, sweatshirts, comfortable pants and high-waisted shorts, loose-fitting jackets and sweatshirts, caps and snow-white sneakers. What As for accessories, the sport casual style accepts everything roomy and comfortable, including a variety of backpacks, fabric shoulder bags and super trendy bananas.

How to wear sport casual clothes?

In general, you can combine things in a sporty and casual style as you like, the main thing is to follow the rule: the image should have slight negligence and smooth lines. It is not for nothing that all things in the style of sport casual are distinguished by straight cuts, free cut and smooth lines. The characteristic features of this style also include hoods, numerous pockets, inserts from contrasting materials, accessories, prints, inscriptions, drawings and logos. And when sewing products in a sports casual style, both natural fabrics (cotton, linen, denim) and synthetic ones are used with equal success.