What is fleece?

Not a single men's wardrobe, and even more so a backpack of an avid tourist or athlete, can do without a fleece jacket or the so-called fleece». Although some more 30-40 years about this type of clothing they also knew that in order to keep warm in the cold or go hiking, they put on several sweaters or voluminous sweaters with large and dense knitting, heavy and taking up a lot of space in wardrobes or bags.

What is fleece and what are its advantages?

The word "fleece" translated from English means "wool", and the fleece fabric itself first appeared in 1979 and was created by specialists from the American textile company Malden Mills & nbsp; and was originally called polarfleece. The new fabric was distinguished by high air permeability and excellent thermal insulation characteristics. At the same time, it absolutely did not absorb moisture. For such an invention, the creators of fleece were even awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry!

The production of fleece is based on the production of knitted fabric, which is thermally processed and passed through an apparatus with rollers and many hooks. It is these hooks, pulling the threads from the fibers of the knitted fabric and without violating its integrity, that create the fleece characteristic of fleece. After a special anti-peeling treatment to prevent the formation of pellets, the canvas is treated with special compounds that give it special properties:

· waterproof;

· softness, practicality and lightness;

· elasticity: fleece products retain their shape well, do not stretch, do not "sit down"; and do not constrain movements;

· breathability, which allows the skin to "breathe";

· durability;

· thermoregulation and the ability to maintain a comfortable temperature for the body;

· hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which allows the use of fleece for sewing children's clothes and toys;

· biological inertness.

In addition, fleece does not lose its thermal insulation properties after getting wet and continues to warm a person. And yet, after washing the jacket, the material dries very quickly, which makes it very comfortable and practical to wear.

And although the raw materials used in the production of fleece are completely synthetic, there are no analogues among natural materials. Therefore, fleece was originally used to sew clothes, and sweatshirts for athletes who went in for sports such as orienteering, rock climbing, skiing, skating, bobsleigh, etc. were the first to appear on store shelves. But so warm, light and comfortable sweaters buyers liked their versatility so much that fleeces took pride of place in the wardrobe of ordinary citizens, first Americans, and then Europeans.

Fleece fabric is used for sewing both men's and women's clothing models, and they differ from each other only in cut, color and size. Mittens, hats, bathrobes and even bedspreads are also made from fleece.

How to choose the right fleece?
When buying a fleece, it is important to consider some rules:

1. It is better to choose a model with a zipper, it is more convenient to use;

2. necessarily on such a product there must be pockets in which you can store various trifles;

3. There should be an elastic band at the bottom of the jacket, which will provide greater thermal insulation and retain heat;

4. for the winter season, it is advisable to choose a thicker fleece. With such clothes, you will not be afraid of either the cold or the wind.

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