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  • Volyn is a historical and cultural region, a territory in the north-west of modern Ukraine in the basin of the southern tributaries of the Pripyat and the upper reaches of the Western Bug.
  • Behind the modern administrative division, this is the territory of the Volyn, Rivne, western part of the Zhytomyr, northern part of the Lviv, Ternopil and Khmelnytsky regions, between the Western Bug River and the upper reaches of the Teterev River - tributaries of the Dnieper.
  • In the early Middle Ages it also covered the territory of Kholmshchyna and Podlasie. In the VII-IX centuries. inhabited by Dulebs, Buzhans, Volynians, as well as White Croats.
  • regional centers - Lutsk, Rivne.
  • Sights - Lutsk Castle, Vladimir, Ostrog, Pochaev Dormition Lavra, Dubno, Shchetsky Lakes.
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