Types of men's T-shirts

Every man, regardless of the type of activity and stylistic preferences in clothing, has several T-shirts in his wardrobe, comfortable, practical and indispensable, which are suitable for everyday wear and provide an opportunity to demonstrate your opinion about him to the outside world.

The first clothing that looks like a modern T-shirt appeared at the end of the 19th century. Then it was worn exclusively by farmers. But the men's T-shirt gained general popularity after the First World War, when the T-shirt became an element of the uniform of the marines and soldiers of the American army. Over time, the military T-shirt turned into a casual one, and everyone wanted to buy a men's T-shirt: actors, politicians, hippies , athletes and rockers. As a result, T-shirts have become the most sought-after elements of men's wardrobe.

This was facilitated by the variety of types of T-shirts for men, including:

- a classic white T-shirt with a straight cut, short sleeves, a round neck and a free silhouette, thanks to which absolutely everyone can wear such a product, regardless of body size and body type. With regards to the combination, such a style is suitable as the first underwear layer for other wardrobe items. But a classic men's T-shirt is not suitable as an independent element of the image;

- fitted t-shirt (slim) – a model that is ideal for men with a slim fit figure. Everything related to the combination with other clothes applies to this type of T-shirt;

- polo – it's a classic that never goes out of style. It is used in stylish sports bows, and in loose casual looks, and even in business suits. This became possible due to the fact that the polo shirt can be combined with jeans, and with sneakers, and with chinos, and with beach shorts, and with a black biker biker jacket, and classic trousers and shoes. The main thing is not to tuck a polo shirt into trousers;

- T-shirt with a V-neck is more suitable for casual looks, travel, beach or home holidays. It goes well with jeans, breeches and wide shorts and is ideal for informal meetings and outdoor activities;

- Hanley T-shirt – plain cotton T-shirt, without a collar, but with a row of buttons arranged vertically. This t-shirt is suitable for a light and devoid of strict style, and can be worn with jeans, wide leg pants or casual shorts.

But one thing that all these types of T-shirts for men have in common is that they have a discreet design, little or no accessories, and very rarely decorated with appliqués, embroidery and other decorations.