Women's burgundy backpack-bag stitched from high-quality leatherette SamBag 8045075

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Dimensions of the Trinity backpack: Backpack height - 34 cm; The width of the backpack is 31 cm; The length of the shoulder straps (adjustable) is 88 cm. The Trinity backpack is the best option for people who are used to a stylish and active life. This model combines different styles, because Trinity can be worn as a backpack and as a bag - it's practical and convenient. Characteristics: The fabric is artificial leather, which is resistant to burning, moisture and various weather conditions. Does not stretch, keeps its shape well, does not rub at the bends; Inside, a strong lining of dark color made of oxford bag fabric; Inside the backpack there are two compartments, a zippered pocket and a place for a bottle; There is a compartment for a laptop; Reliable metal runners and accessories; Wide color range; Shoulder straps are adjustable in length, securely stitched.