Bananka: fashion ideas and combinations

Do you still think that waist bags or, as they are also called, bananas are devoid of taste and outdated? But in vain! The symbol of the 90s and the invariable accessory of the youth of that time are back in fashion! These are soft, flexible, narrow-shaped bags with numerous compartments with a zipper, which can be worn both at the waist and thrown over the shoulder. Nowadays, the banana has become more of an indispensable tourist companion, although after the last few fashion shows in New York and Paris, it is already considered the most fashionable element of the wardrobe.

And if you also want to keep up with fashion, you need to know which banana bag to buy and what outfits to pair it with. Read on for answers.

Different shapes

Banana bag today – these are no longer those outdated shapes and boring colors. It features an improved design, oblong, oval or rectangular shape. Although it has not lost its main purpose: the waist bag is still practical, it allows you to keep all valuable things close at hand and does not worry about their safety. If worn on a belt, it will help emphasize the waist or highlight it in the absence of one. A banana can be worn instead of a belt and not only under pants, but also in combination with a dress or skirt.

Unusual types of materials

As a rule, banana bags used to be made only from genuine leather, but now the choice of materials suitable for sewing them has expanded significantly: it can be velveteen, dense tweed, polyester, leatherette and even transparent plastic, which can turn a banana into an elegant one, modern and very fashionable accessory.

Funny prints

Any fashion accessory, including bananas, is produced with all the prints that are relevant in the modern fashion world. Among them you can find floral prints, and abstract bright drawings, and images of cartoon characters, and animal prints. But the pinnacle of – this is a banana with imitation crocodile skin.

Bright colors

Gloomy winter day – still no reason to dress in all black and just as unsightly, and at the same time carry a bag of restrained colors. Better add some positive, light and bright colors to your style. And this can be done with the help of a red, orange, pink banana, strewn with sequins or decorated with sequins.

Original combination

Modern models of bananas cannot be considered an element of an exclusively sporty style. They can be easily added to a wide variety of images, giving them freshness and originality. So, complementing the look with a jumpsuit or wide pants with a bright banana, you will get a sport-chic outfit. If you are a fan of all things casual, this accessory will complete the look of a shirt, sweatshirt and high-waisted jeans. And for those who miss the 90s, you should buy a classic leather banana bag and wear it with a white t-shirt and boyfriend pants.